Welcome to the Advanced Materials for Energy and Electronics Group! We are a vibrant team of graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral researchers directed by Professor Michael Arnold of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UW-Madison. Our group researches and develops promising materials at the extreme limit of matter for future information technology, energy, environment, and biotechnology applications.

Group Photo at Vilas Park


The group has a current focus on materials including:


In the ultrathin limit, new electronic and optoelectronic phenomena arise, materials become dramatically more mechanically resilient and deformable, and the flow of electrical charges and molecules can be more precisely controlled and sensitively detected. Our research aims to take advantage of these properties in order to realize transformative gains in:


The impact of nanomaterials on society is limited because they're difficult to synthesis, purify, process, organize, and integrate into nanostructures. Our research draws from multiple disciplines to address fundamental materials challenges - in understanding phenomena beyond the scale of single nanostructures - that must be overcome to exploit these exciting materials in technology.