Student Awards

Herb Distinguished Fellowship in Materials Science

Dominick Bindl
Nathaniel Saffron
Austin Way
Christopher Blackwell (2020)

Link Foundation Energy Fellowship

Adam Brewer

Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Fellowship

Tsuyoshi Takahashi

Materials Research Society Graduate Award

Gerald Brady (2017) - Gold
Katherine Jinkins (2020) - Silver

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Robert Jacobberger (2012)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Amir Mashal (2012)
Robert Jacobberger (2012)
Austin Way (2014)
Gerald Brady (2014)
Katherine Jinkins (2015)
Katherine Su (2020)
James Unzaga (2023)
Leonidas Georgopoulos (2023)

PPG Summer Fellowship

Austin Way (2019)

Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellowship

Meng-Yin Wu

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship

Celeo Matute Diaz (2020)

UW-Madison Sophomore Research Fellowship

Celeo Matute Diaz (2019)

UW-Madison Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Katherine Jinkins (2018)

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Innovation Award

Katherine Jinkins (2018) - Finalist

Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Katherine Jinkins (2019)